Once Goddess Parvarthi raised a question to Lord Shiva “which place cannot be destroyed due to any disaster?” Lord Shiva replied ‘the place which is closed to my heart and which is very exceptional among other temples, that is Malathivanam alias Thirumullaivoyil. Then they together with Nandhi reached Thirumullaivoyil. Then Lord Shiva informed Parvathi that ‘let we freeze here as Lingam and we shall establish ourselves at the right time and flow grace to the people’.
One of the Capitals of ‘Kanchi Kingdom’ is Thondai Mandala Kottam in that Puzhal Kottam (Zonal) is a part. In that place there lived a particular group of inhumane people called ‘Kurumbargal’. When someone tries to hit them, they used to hide themselves in their ‘Vellaruku pillar fort’ (Fort made with the kind of tree called vellaruku). This group was leaded by ‘Onan & Vaanan’. Due to intolerable circumstances people reported to their ‘King Thondaiman’. The King also immediately reached the place that evening to solve the people’s problem. He stayed there that night and the next morning started war with Kurumbargal, they couldn’t able to continue fight with the King Thondaiman so they went back. Then the Kurumbargal came back with the ‘Bootham’ (An evil power) made by their family god Bhairavar. This time Thondaiman’s warriors set back and they returned to there place. When they were returning, Thondaiman’s Elephant’s leg was unexpectedly trapped in the mullai kodi (creeps) and it was unable to walk further. Then Thondaiman noticed it and swing his sword sitting on the elephant to cut that mullai kodi there he found blood oozing out from that place. The king came down from the elephant and searched for the reason, there he found the ‘Holy Lingam’. He was embarrassed, cried to the core. He went down and prayed god, then the decided to kill himself and took his sword to do so.

Then Lord Shiva with goddess, Nandhi and Devas came in front of him and stopped him and said that though I am affected by your sword I will be considered as ‘Maasilamani’. Then God sent Nandhi with the king to fight against Kurumbargal and they won the battle, destroyed Kurumbargal and came back with the vellarkku pillars to Thirumullaivoyil.
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